Between two languages

novembre 13, 2006

Well, I’m about to write this post pretty drunk and well-eaten, if such expression exists in English.
For your information, I ate spaghetti with redhot pepper and oil, mozzarella with harings (you should give a try…) and white chocolate, and drank good beer.
It took me so long writing a post in English, but, well, finally, I did. I thought of that, as you can imagine if you read Italian, in my bed. It was yesterday: I had nice thoughts like stating that you think and evenly you write different in different languages.
It’s not common stuff, I think, well it’s boring stuff for we boring linguists. But as a linguists I must state that.
I don’t know if I’m writing in proper way: I mean with correct syntax and all that boring morphological stuff. But I guess English is a simple language, except for its impossible phonetic. I’ve been English-enthusiastic since I was a little child: at primary school they taught me French, which I can’t remember and I felt very uncomfortable about that. No, you French-readers, I’m not complaining about your language: it’s really nice and very crafted up, the most elegant romanic language you have, you french people. But I prefer English: it’s not so different from Italian, even. Both indoeuropean languages, English has a lot of loans from French which makes it very simple to learn for we neolatin speakers, if you know what I mean. I learnt (or pretend to learn) English by movies and books: yes, I was in Uk two times and in Ireland once, but I think my poor English came from those things. Oh yes, and also from videogames and music.
Many people tends to write their blog in English, which is, I guess, the international language or whatever.
Well, I’ll write in English again when I feel it, since one of my dreams is being a polyglot and express wide range of feeling in a lot of different languages. You, Noah, learn that: languages are too complex system to express the same thing.
Anyway, I wanted to tell you about Artissima, the art fair held here in Torino. I wrote fairy, since yesterday I was annoying for a lot of time a friend of mine telling her the difference between an exhibition and a fair. People thinks that Artissima is an exhibition of contemporary art: my friend Fabio, which is an art expert, told me absolutely not. Artissima is a fair, where you can buy a lot of contemporary stuff, like Cattelan’s work for 30000 euros or Witkin’s photos for 3000 to 4500 euros, depending of the year. My friend Fabio, which I told you before, likes a little bit Witkin. He (Witkin, not my friend) likes to photograph weird/funny things like corpse, horses’ penis, naked woman with gigantic breasts and stuff like that.


2 Risposte to “Between two languages”

  1. nino Says:

    scrivi decisamente meglio in italiano…

  2. urza Says:

    Lo prenderò come consiglio !


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