Fourteen-five minutes

dicembre 14, 2006

Getting out from the swimming pool, I checked out the clock: I made a 45 minutes swim train and I began to think about this exact portion of our time. I realized that it fits well for almost everything: 45 minutes to be well shaved by your barber, 45 minutes to taste your favourite alcoholic drink: a strong Negroni or an expensive glass of italian wine.

Fourteen-five minutes lasts an optimum fuck: double the time with preliminaries. Fourteen-five minutes to enjoy a good and sober lunch: fourteen-five minutes to prepare it, bakering pizza and adding your favourites recipes or cook spaghetti with tomato sauce. Fourteen-five minutes should take a universitary lesson: more is boring and you lost your concentration.

45 minutes to write a nice post or good poetry: 45 minutes to read a short novel or to watch a serial-tv show.

45 minutes to know a new person and talk with him/her: never exaggerate with unknown people. 45 minutes to create your own master work, 45 minutes to listen to your favourite singer. Fourteen-five minutes to code something revolutionary.

45 minutes to get an hot shower or a bath with foam cream: 45 minutes with your idol, before realizing that he/she is just an other piece of crap. 45 minutes to get drunk or stoned.

45 minutes, remaing in silence. 45 minutes, complaining your whole life. 45 minutes, thanking God or something else you’re alive and doing well. 45 minutes to tell the others what’s wrong and what’s right.

Less than 45 minutes to write and read all those things.



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