Hi, my name is Stereo Mike.

dicembre 26, 2006

For whom it may be concern, this was the Drinkin’ in La’s intro. The year was 1997 and the artist Bran van 3000: I rediscovered this piece wandering through mp3 files on Chiara’s pc. It has been several years I didn’t listen to that song: when I was a little boy, I was simply astonished by that electrical sound. I fell in love with Bran Van 3000 and ask to my mp3 pusher, who was a classical musical enthusiastic, to download it. I didn’t have large bandwidth at that time, only a 56k modem, so let’s figure out.

Well, this happened in summer-fall 1997: I soon forgot bran van 3000 and Drinking in la, until the day before yesterday. This is for me a special amarcord moment: I’ve been (re)discovering much music of my late childhood. Anyway, for your information, Bran van 3000 was a canadian collective, active between XX and XXi centuries. Its discography is pretty short: only two lp, Glee, which was my childhood one, and Discosis, which I’ve downloaded (see if you can buy, then) yesterday. As an italian reviewer pointed out, Discosis is very different from Glee: less experimental, more feating and melodically. Discosis was out in 2001: Bv3000’s official website is idle since 2004 and no more informations are available about them.

That’s a pity, since Di Salvio’s creature rocks: I’d like to bring it back to the dancefloors…


2 Risposte to “Hi, my name is Stereo Mike.”

  1. Suzukimaruti Says:

    Ma perché ora in inglese?

  2. urza Says:

    Bella domanda 🙂
    La risposta breve è che qualche post mi viene da scriverlo in inglese…
    La risposta lunga è in Betweeen two languages 🙂


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